printint perlin value with ofDrawBitmapString

Hello, i was using ofDrawBitmapString for printing some data in my window app, if i use numbers like floats or ints it works fine. I can see the numbers in my window app without problems

but if i want to print a value coming from perlin noise, it just prints a wierd code.
anybody have an idea of why is printing this code?
here is a pic, so you can see the code it prints:…–value.png

and this is the code im using

float posY = noise->noise((float)4/100, (float)100/100, (float)ofGetFrameNum()/100);

ofDrawBitmapString("perlin value : " + ofToString(posY) , 260, 160);



i think you’re just printing several things at the same position :slight_smile: