Pressing ESC key from a fullscreen oF application crashes it instead of exiting.

I’ve been using both codeblocks and visual C++ to code using openF 0062 and 007. I use the following command inside the main.cpp

ofAppGlutWindow window;  
ofSetupOpenGL(800,600, OF_GAME_MODE);  

After I run the application I press the ESC key and the application crashes.
Also sometimes my task bar stays in a relative position to the resolution of the crashed application and I have to fix that resolution problem every time I exit.

Is there a proper way to do fullscreen or how can I deal with the problem correctly?

Thank you! =D

can you try OF_FULLSCREEN instead of OF_GAME_MODE?

i believe OF_GAME_MODE is a hack that was meant for linux, but kind of works on other systems. i’m not sure how compatible it is.

i think the problem is not related with GAME_MODE but with your app crashing before exiting and windows not returning to the original resolution after a crash. GAME_MODE is actually the real fullscreen, where the application changes the resolution of the whole screen. OF_FULLSCREEN is just a window of the size of the screen without decorations so the resolution of the screen won’t be affected by the one you set in ofSetupOpenGL.

If you need to set fullscreen with a certain resolution then you need game mode, try to debug the app and see where it’s crashing

I will try what you guys mention.
I use OF_GAME_MODE to try and set the apps to the projectors native resolution, but now that I think about it, since I’m using a VGA connection that is not really digital I should probably just forget about this problem and use OF_FULLSCREEN. Should I forget about OF_GAME_MODE?

I do have a question Arturo. I’m not an experienced programmer and have not found any real use for debugging lately. Could you explain a bit further about what or where I should be looking for when debbuging something like this?

Do you guys know of any debugging guide that might help?