Prepare Windows for art installation


as far as I can remember somewhere in this forum is a checklist hidden how to prepare Windows (10) for art installations (setting, energy mode, you name it) … unfortunately I can’t find the post.

Any hints would be appreciated :wink:

Hum… I don’t recall seeing something like that here. But that would be helpful, since I’ll have to work with Windows on the upcoming days. :smiley:

Following this guide, and doing the Windows equivalent, might give you a boost.

If you have the time, please post your findings/doings here. I’ll do the same and maybe we can upload it to ofBook. :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just wanted to add to this resource as I have been configuring a long term windows installation. Here are a few things we did to make everything manageable:

The computer is turned on by wake on LAN, this is supported by most but not all systems, this means show control systems like alcorn mcbride can start up and shut down the system remotely (this can also be done by any device that can send UDP)

Next we use a commercial watchdog software (it is 50 bucks so not so bad) called Always up, this is one of the key solutions in this project, there is a good CLI API and even the GUI version gives a lot of flexibilty. We run the app as a service through Always up using windows task scheduler at logon.

When we want to shut down the app, or release the watch dog we can send a message with ofSystem. We use this to stop the watchdog and close the app. From here in the exit function of the app we can call a system shutdown.

I was a bit disapointed at using Always up, not open source or free, but it has turned out to be super flexible and robust, and can save logs and send an email when the system crashes.

Always up is here, and was a bit strange to setup but worth it.

I hope this helps someone out there.