Premade ARToolKit with Decklink Support

Included in the ARToolKit 5 is an example program called simpleLite. It is a simple marker-based tracker that shows the functionality of a marker tracking system. We are looking to use an application like this for a purpose in broadcasting, however we need a BlackMagic Design Decklink card to run it. Has anyone made an application that has this functionality in it? Thank you.

Have you been able to use the decklink card with artoolkit? i am on the same project but for unity and i still couldn’t make it work between artoolkit and the decklink card.

There are several blackmagic/decklink addons that are working well, connecting these to the artoolkit examples that are around should not be much hassle at all.

Here is Arttoolkit

and here is a decklink addon

The functionality of the example included in the OF implementation of Artoolkit is not exactly the same as the simple lite but it is not too far away.

Any suggestions for ARToolKit examples that would be good to build onto?