Potentially restarting the openFrameworks tutorial series & you can vote on it

howdy folks,

wow it has been some time since ive been on here. but I have been thinking a lot lately about the tutorial series I had with openFrameworks. but more so, that im thinking of bringing it back. but not picking up where we left off, but starting again. right from 000 & introductions to setup

to keep this short [since im currently editing other tutorial videos] I have a poll on both my twitter here:

& my youtube community here:

both outline the how & the why of doing this. but each can be voted on.

as the youtube post says, this won’t be an exact copy. in-fact I want to clear loads of things up, but using the more updated openFrameworks that exists now

if you are interested, by all means vote on 1 of the poll’s or why not both. but I feel that this would be a good way to go. for 1, myself to get back into openFrameworks after a long time away & 2, to have a better presented product for people to learn from.

if you have seen my more current uploads, think on that type of editing. it wouldnt be a beat for beat the same, but just much tighter & better in the long run.
im going to be spending time to get back into the flow with learning. hopefully work out ways to get my computer to be a bit faster [though a new computer is all I need ;)] with Xcode.

but just personally fell this would be a good thing. not just for myself, but for new comers to openFrameworks

thanks & all the best


Hello Lewis,
Super nice!
Another idea could be using e-learning platform like Udemy etc? I found it’s fun and effective. Also might be nice to think of online C++ editor/compiler. Not sure how hard to realize though.

Programming education is definitely a hot topic. It would be super cool to see oF kids in kindergarden. :slight_smile:

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I have been asked about using udemy for teaching. but at this moment in time. I don’t feel right using it.
maybe, & only maybe if I have a course that would be good or large. such as ‘build an animation suite with openFrameworks’, would I go into something like that. or building a game or something similar.

it has been on my mind. but I don’t think at this time I want to. plus im trying to make learning accessible to everyone. not everyone can purchase courses & I do like the thing of it being free for people on youtube to view & learn as they please. rather than blocking’s out with a pay wall.
I know I do have a Patreon & backers get videos & source code weeks in advance to it being public.
but that is more a ‘if you like the content, you can throw a couple bucks to help keep it going & you get this content in return before anyone’. it still goes up for free to the public. though I wouldn’t stop teaching even if that stopped, since I didn’t have Patreon before I started the very first openFrameworks tutorial in the first place.

hope that answers.

also to say 'thank you to folks who have voted. I know there is one day left to vote. but really, is there any point in doing anymore. when votes are pointing to YAY!!!

id like to thank the people that voted, either YAY!!! or NAY!!! - its nice knowing what people really want & Im happy that people are looking forward to the series making a return with a better workflow & feel for the greater of learning some fun things.
ill also be posting video links on reddit as well as here & also media based accounts when they are live.

ill be doing an update video on my channel detailing what I feel the channel should do to best present these, but also to not kill myself making these videos. since im also doing 2 other series as well, kha tutorial series & shader tutorial series.

please bear in mind that Patreon backers will get content before the public, along with source code for each episode uploaded. most of the time it unto about 3 weeks in advance of things going public. you can back this via my Patreon if you so please.
but I want to stick to certain day[s] of release. so each week there is something new, much like the current series I do

thanks again, thanks for voting & happy coding

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ok - this is just a small update to what is gonna start happening.
starting next week ill be getting the series recorded. if you have seen my more recent tutorial series on GLSL & kha. this is the type of editing ill be doing. something much more clear cut, no waffling & editing out just cack :wink:

I’ve been on the fence about the amount of work I will be taking on. since it essentially will be 3 series. but I’m working something else that will bmake it better in the long run for not only people viewing, but for myself & what ill be making.

but just to say that things will be arriving soon & have shifted the older code into another branch called ‘2015’, so it can still be looked into. but will not be updated.

im just doing a few small things, like making graphics, choosing fonts & music etc. but im kind of at that point to get things ready & running.
all starts next week

cool spot :wink:

ok - last thing. I’ve now done a channel update & said why im starting the series again etc. plus talk about other cack

thank & all the best :wink:

Ive also just uploaded the first episode. its currently available to Patreon backers. It goes live on Tuesday, with another episode on Thursday & those are the days I will keep to releasing. Since I also have other projects I need to do as well & other releases of videos :wink:

I will make a new forum post once it goes live, but ill keep it to that one post, with a new episode pasted in as a reply :wink:

thanks & all the best :wink:

ok. this is the last time ill post up here. but this weeks episodes are up for Patreon backers. I’ve done 11 this week [so about 5 & half weeks content], all edited & are given with source code. I did have a 12th, but there were some odd recording problems.

these will start going live on Tuesday & the next goes live on Thursday & will be keeping those release days

ill be starting a new forum post that will have the links pointing to the videos once they go live each day they do. ill also be posting on reddit as well as other sources

thanks & all the best