Potential conflict between ofxOpenCv & ofxAwesomiumPlus

Has anyone else had success using these addons together?

I am trying to get the browser via ofxAwesomiumPlus and then i’m trying to load those pixels into a cv color image and loop over a scaled down version to send out the RGB pixel data via osc.

Initially I thought a conflict lay within ofxOsc but through repeated tests it seems that it is when I introduce the OpenCv addon that my project suddenly stops being able to find awesomium.lib (even though everything is set up and linked according to awesomium’s official instructions).

Below is the main chunk of my project. Can anyone suggest any ways of doing what I’m doing without having to use OpenCv, or any reasons as to why it isn’t working??

Many thanks in advance! (ps. I’m running VS 2015 on Windows 10 with the most recent OF)

void ofApp::update(){

	std::stringstream strm;
	strm << "fps: " << ofGetFrameRate();

	ofxOscMessage m;

	if (_browser.update()) {

		// Load pixels from Browser into Image A
		ofxCvColorImage imageA;
		imageA.setFromPixels(_browser.getFrame().getPixels(), ofGetWidth(), ofGetHeight());
		ofxCvColorImage imageB;
		imageB.allocate(192, 108);

		// Scale down Image A into Image B

		// Loop through Image B to get the pixel data                  
		int w = ofGetWidth() / 10;
		int h = ofGetHeight() / 10;
		int bpp = 3;

		for (int col = 0; col < w; col++) {
			for (int row = 0; row >= 0; row--) {
				int base = (row * w + col) * bpp;
				unsigned char red = pixels[base];
				unsigned char green = pixels[base + 1];
				unsigned char blue = pixels[base + 2];

				// Add RGB data to outgoing OSC message
				sender.sendMessage(m, false);