Posting video tutorials and example video walkthrus

I just posted a new code walkthrough in the Art + Code channel “making a slitScan video clock with openFrameworks”
exploring the slitscan example I contributed to the new oF core examples…


I just published a new art+code tutorial video walking thru making #generative #drawing with Catmull Rom curves in #openFrameworks.
In this video I live code a series of Generative Drawing examples using the C++ Creative Coding Toolkit opneFrameworks. I talk about the inspiration and my approach to exploring Catmull Rom curves to make elegant and exciting generative artworks and work with you step by step towards a final version that expresses what I was looking for.

You can follow along and explore your own ideas and download the source code from here;


I just posted another youtube walkthru on “Making Generative Drawings with vintage Roland DXY Pen Plotter in openFrameworks”

In this vid I get away from the screen a bit and make some generative drawings using a vintage Roland pen plotter. Using openFrameworks and an add-on that talks the ancient HPGL Graphics Language we set up communication with a 1980’s Roland DXY 990 Pen Plotter. Then we get making simple generative paths and curves in C++ creative coding toolkit openFrameworks and explore what we get. This video continues some of the explorations from the previous video on generative drawing with Catmull Rom Curves.

big thanks to @DANtheMAN for the ofxHM871 addon that talks HPGL


I just posted another video using simple primitive objects to build monochromatic generative landscapes in openFrameworks.


i just posted another video full of dirty code using ofxTesseract from the amazing @kylemcdonald to read the paint on the side of train freightcars to make machine poetry…

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