Posting all the tutorial videos and code from my MSc Toolkit module

Hi All,

I run the Master Program in Creative Technology at University of West of England in Bristol. All students take a semester one code module ‘Creative Technology Toolkit’. Working in openFrameworks, it introduces them to a range of techniques and processes that lead to discussions on design, usability and communication with an audience and how to convey emotion using technology.

Each week I make videos with demo code examples to help less experienced students get started. This allows the workshop sessions to change into discussions on the application of, rather than the programming of, different techniques.

In a spirit of openness and giving back I’m putting all the #openFrameworks tutorial videos I’m making for my MSc ToolKit course onto YouTube each Tuesday. Starting this Tuesday and continuing through the next few months. If people find them useful I will post more.

and you can get the source code on github here;


The first set of videos cover the areas below:

Session 1 - introduction to OpenFrameworks

• running your first code
• drawing to the screen
• getting input to a system
• using input to modify output

Session 2 - images, video, complex input

• visual sensing
• camera input
• live data translation
• loops

Session 3 - 3D input and 3D output to screen

• introduction to 3D
• 3D primitives, cameras
• sensing in 3D
• reading data from Kinect Sensor

Session 4 - introduction to audio in openFrameworks

• audio output
• speech output

Session 5 - introduction to complex transformation

• introduction to text processing
• intelligence and algorithms

Session 6 - thinking about systems and control

• simple algorithms
• drunkards walk 3 ways including Perlin Noise

Session 7 - external input and output with serial

• serial input and output with oF and arduino
• send values to serial port
• retrieve values from serial port

Slit Scan Example

• Simple example to retrieve live image data from a webcam and re-draw a line at a time to the screen

Mesh Example

Simple example to
• generate an openFrameworks ( mesh object
• use ofEasyCam to view our 3D scene • populate it with vertices
• triangulate vertices and add indices to create triangle mesh
• use ofRandom() function to change the vertices z co-ordinates to distort the Mesh


I’ve added more screencast tutorial walk throughs of creative coding in #openframeworks C++ on youtube. Looking at making Slit scan Cameras and an intro to using 3D kinect sensors


Nice one, thanks Dan!

I uploaded another tutorial video walking through #openframeworks code to call and manipulate live 3D data from a #kinect depth sensor

watch the video here

and get the source code here;

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Many thanks Dan for making this content available :wink:

the next session is online - walking through expanded versions of the text sorting examples and loading files from disk and from the web

I uploaded a new #openFrameworks creative coding tutorial looking at why and how using classes in C++ is useful and cool :smiley:

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I uploaded another video in the #openFrameworks creative toolkit tutorial series session7 - using oF with Arduino to communicate with the outside world
find the demo code online here

I uploaded another video in the Creative Technology Toolkit series, looking at using ofMesh for 3d and adding vertices and indices to make custom meshes and then manipulating them with random noise and Perlin Noise.

You can get the source code and also an osx compiled binary here;

and see the video on YouTube here;