possible solutions


I’ve been searching on the internet some things about dev-cpp and winVista problems. I found some stuff but I’m not sure if they are reliable.

Here are some steps for possible solutions:

Go to Tools-> compiler Options-> directories
in Binaries add the folder C:\Dev-Cpp\libexec\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2

and you can also:

1- Copy “dllcrt2.o” and “crt2.o” from \Dev-Cpp\lib to \MingW\lib.

2-Copy “crtbegin.o” and “crtend.o” from C:\Dev-Cpp\lib\gcc\mingw32\3.4.2 to \MingW\lib.

3-Go to Tools -> Compiler Options -> Directories -> Libraries and add

(I didn’t had included the Mingw\ folder so I created.)

For me Dev-cpp is kind of tricky (sometimes things that use to work don’t work anymore and vice-versa) so…like I said I’m not sure if this are good advices. I’ve tryed and so far so good. I haven’t seen things like it doesn’t compile properly (sometime I had to rebuilt the project everytime I make some code changes), it doesn’t make the .exe file, it crashes… and stuff like that.

if anyone thinks that it’s wrong to do this, please let me Know.

Take care