Possible permissions issue with downloaded apps

Just upgraded my computer to macOS Sierra 10.12.5 to support the new xcode for an iOS project, but it has highlighted an issue with my previously released desktop apps.

While the apps work fine if I run them after building them, they fall apart if I upload them to the web and then re-download them (and presumably anybody running Sierra will have the same issue when they download them).

I have several but a few examples are this game and this tool both hosted on itch.io.

As has been the case for ages, if a user just tries to double click and open the app, it fails, but they can right click and select to open it anyway. This is annoying, but easily dealt with and not new.

What is new is that they both fail when opened this way, and I’m able to glean from the second one that they are unable to load in any external files. If I had to guess, I would assume that this has to do with Apple’s new security measure that involves randomizing the location of unknown apps. I think this is breaking any relative paths used to load files (sounds, fonts, txt and XML) in the apps. To check, I CDed into the app and tried running it via terminal. Everything worked fine when I did that, that’s more than I can ask users to do.

Just disabling Gatekeeper as described in articles like this one didn’t prevent the issue.

Anybody know a work around for this, preferably one I can include in a readme for users? Some of my projects that are affected are several years old and I’d really rather not have to make brand new builds just for this. To be clear, there is no problem building or even running the app. This only happens when I download it from a website.

Thanks for the help.

Did you ever resolve this? I am having similar issues.

Unfortunately, I never did find a satisfactory answer.

I made a short post describing how to get around it via terminal, but that’s a pretty lackluster solution: http://andymakesgames.tumblr.com/post/161517690384/why-particle-mace-and-all-of-my-other-games-and