possible keyboard error (MAC)

on my mac mini (leopard 10.5.2) with a non-apple keyboard (pc usb keyboard) when i press backspace i get a keycode of 127 (which is in ofConstant.h OF_KEY_PRINTSCR) and when i press Del i get keycode 8 (which is OF_KEY_BACKSPACE). i am still using OF 0.03 so maybe this is already corrected in 0.04 don’t know.


I actually don’t know either – it could be a problem w/ glut –

has delete key coming through as “8”

can you try 0.04 and let us know? if it’s os-x wide, we can deal w/ it pretty easily, those are just the values we get from glut, so we can correct in code.


yes it’s the same in 0.04 but maybe it’s my non-apple keyboard?
can someone with an original mac-keyboard test it?
just start the events sample and press del & backspace.


On a mac keyboard

I backspace gives me 127
Del give me 8

I guess they need to be switched then?