possibility of getPixelsRef() without taking alpha transparency

Quite pleased I am with the bunch of things you can do with ofImage and ofPixels, notably the getPixelsRef() function that allows you to grab the pixel content of a bitmap image and then do what you like.
I use it with pasteInto(), to copy an area of pixels from one image to another, and it’s quite fine way to do so.

However, the data and the reference is absolute, and so if I copy the reference of pixels in an image and paste it somewhere in the specified coordinates into another, everything is copied, even the alpha transparent pixels, rendering the former pixels of the target image transparent (as though they were erased).
Is there a way to check up the content of processed getPixelsRef() and somehow, via coding, order it to ignore the alpha transparency? If so, is it already available in OF or would such thing require some hard coding interference with the core openFrameworks library?

you can change the type of the image:


or just disable the alpha globably which is faster: