Positioning objects in 3d

I have had a few projects where I need to position objects and images in 3d. So far I have made guis with x, y and z positions and rotations, however this is quite laborious and also takes a lot of screen space.

For this upcoming project I will need to do this setup for a love performance with a lot of other things to take care of.

I was wondering if anyone had any more intelligent idea of how to manipulate things in 3d, fast and accurately.

Any tips are appreciated.


An improvement that you could introduce would be to have at least some hierarchy tree in your scene. For example, if you want to move all your objects to the left, you should be able to do it moving just one thing.
In this case, having a root node that implements ofNode, and all the depending objects collected in groups of ofNode, would help. Have a look at examples/3d/ofNode

If you are talking about GUI, then probably a kind of mouse picker addon could help you. There was a thing called https://github.com/memo/ofxMSAInteractiveObject but is not updated anymore, but maybe there is something similar around.

on top of parenting ofNode instances, there are a few addons for manipulating 3d objects just like in any CAD. I’ve used ofxManipulator and it works really well.

What about ofxGizmo? I don’t know is what you are asking, but just in case can help in some way…