Positioning issue iOS 8.1

I built an app on iPad2 that I released the middle of last year. Because I don’t have access to multiple devices I did the best I could to dynamically position all the objects in the app initially on that device . Now when I download the binary from the app store on a a few different friends’ devices like an iPad mini and now an iPad air the app functions and looks perfect! However, I noticed the status bar wasn’t hidden on newer devices so I needed to go back and rebuild. The issue I’m having is now building the exact code that my binary is based on to the iPad air I noticed all my positioning is incorrect. I checked right away for missing ofPopMatrix() calls but couldn’t find an issue. I’m also taking into account that I have landscape locked left. Is anyone else seeing similar issues?

Thanks in advance.

here is my main

int main( ){

ofAppiOSWindow * window = new ofAppiOSWindow();
window->enableAntiAliasing(4); //fixed smoothing
ofSetupOpenGL(window, 1024, 768, OF_FULLSCREEN);			// <-------- setup the GL context

// this kicks off the running of my app
// pass in width and height too:
ofRunApp( new testApp());


Is this the same issue as seen here? iOS 8 - OF not setting orientation properly?