Position in Paper

Hi guys,

I’m with a doubt, it is possible to place a mark on the bottom of a leaf, and whether to move the iphone up to the side, he finds an object in a certain position of the leaf, being off the mark?

want from a brand know which positions in a leaf other objects, even if not the mark in the view of the camera. I thought of using a trademark as the basis for the coordinates, what do you think?

i’m not sure i understand what you’re trying to do: so you need to recognize a logo or something like that?

in that case you should try implementing something like the SURF algorithm.

yes, that’s right.

In the sheet I have several objects in different positions, and in the corner I have a mark from it and find the positions of objects on paper.

there isnt’s a single correct way to achieve your goal; probably the most straightforward way would be to work on the contours filtering those that do not match with the stuff you’re looking for. just play around a little.

I understand, I thought about working with shapes, but the problem is that the sheet will have many objects with different colors and details which would complicate a little more recognition of the object.