Porting webgl shaders to openframeworks

Hi there,
I am trying to port some glsl transitions from a webgl app, http://greweb.me/glsl-transition/example/ to open frameworks. Actually i’m porting a photoalbum app i wrote in python (Kivy) to open frameworks.

These glsl transitions work in kivy but i can’t seem to get them to work in open frameworks. Particularly, any of the transitions that use advanced functions like “mix” and “smooth step”.

Is there a difference between the implementation of those functions in webgl and the opengl.

I wrote a test code to debug the shaders, i.e https://gist.github.com/osiloke/51656645fefc051959cf

Here are the glsl transitions, https://github.com/gre/glsl-transition/tree/master/example/transitions.

I’ve been trying to figure out why they would work in kivy and not open frameworks, and i’m still trying to understand the internal structure of open frameworks. Any help would be appreciated.

More shader transitions that don’t work with open frameworks can be found here https://glsl.io/gallery

I figured it out. Disabling ARB solved it. It seems no one on open frameworks like’s answering shader questions.

Glad you figured it out. There are plenty of people here who are happy to answer questions about shaders, but sometimes it might take more than 9 hours for one of them to log on. openFrameworks has an international user base.

like Chris said we’re all spread around the globe (and most of us have day jobs) so sometimes we don’t get around to checking the forum allllll the time.

Also shader questions can be challenging for anyone to answer in a forum post.

Got it, i meant that as a joke tho. thanks.