Porting projects to oF0.10, 3d graphic wgoes


I have a game working super fine in oF 0.98

With minor changes, it ports just fine to oF0.10.

But the grphics disappear.

Just using lots of ofAssimp model loader, ofVboMeshes & ofEasyCam.

The gamespace is there, things are solid, but can only see some graphic elements, main graphics with ofVboMeshes should be there, the assimp model should be there, but are probably on the polar unseen side of the graphics window :):open_mouth:

What’s the best approach to fix this? I kind of remember reading some define you could add to ofConstants.h regarding meshes.

Has the camera code changed? Some elements are in correct visual camera position, most are gone.

Yes, I had to reinstall twice systems on a broken machine, downgrade to oF098 to make it work. It’s working very nicely, but stalled on a soon to be obsolete system.

How would you debug this?

I am thinking a magic define somewhere might make things work, instead of going through all the classes and change the drawing code or the camera things.

With the shift to glm, the order of matrix vector multiplication has changed afaik. It is now inverted and the same as what is conventional in gl.

There was some discussion here.

If you’re using transformation matrices in your old code, that might be the reason behind the coordinates being out of place.

Thanks so much for the pointer, i’ll have a look later when some free time arises.

I think i’m not using matrices. Just vbomeshes & assimps not showing up.

My graphics pipeline is something like:

draw an ofTexture
enable lights & depth test & cullface
bind another texture
draw grounds (these are not show)
unbind texture
disable lights
calc frustrum visibility
draw loads of objects with 1st texture (these are in correct position)
enable lights
draw assimp meshes (these are not show)
upload a texture
disable lights
draw 3d graphics (lines, circles) (these are in correct position)
end cam
draw hud
draw panel
draw text
fbo1 begin
draw 1sttex
fbo2 begin
draw 2nd tex
fbo2 end
disable lights, enable blending
draw fbo1 & fbo2

Drawing the meshes is just pushMatrix / translate / rotate / scale / draw / popMatrix

Do you think this interferes with the matrices order you referenced?

My 1st guess would be the fbo’s, but raw scene contents are also not visible.

Rereading now my graphics pipeline, should be something like you’re mentioning. But if I test simple stuff the code works on both 098 and 010.

Hi, in the end, luckily, no matrix problem arised, was related to ofCore in my pre 0.10 oF version, ofVboMesh not being drawn, did not track it down.

In of0.10 release it doesn’t work, but it does using of010-patch-release, without changing a line in the game code, all magically appears in place like it was programmed to be.

Happy that it’s up & running, though so much wasted time