Porting OpenPilot (or any other UAV control software) to oF


Hi All,

I’m Yosuke, a designer/developer working on a project using drones and would like to have an advice from oF folks.

What we want to do is basically a ‘swarm’ behaviour with 10+ different-looking drones. For the greater flexibility in frame designs and flight accuracy, we’re leaning towards the idea of modding flight controllers like OpenPilot or ArduCopter, rather than Parrots’ drones which doesn’t have an accurate positioning system like GPS.

I got the OpenPilot Flight Controller board and started looking at the source codes of OpenPilot’s Ground Control Station. But due to my lack of experience in developing UAV software, I can’t head around how the UAVTalk protocol is spoken over the telemetry. In the ideal world, I’d like to find the core part of the UAV-control software which sends flightpaths and receives the UAV’s status, and port it into more familiar environment like oF or p5. This porting would potentially give us a great opportunity to visualise the real-time flying data from drones.

So I’m wondering if anyone has done this porting UAV-controlling software like OpenPilot or ArduCopter or any other, into creative coding environment. Any suggestions/pointers would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



What about your project 4 years after ? I’m interested in this project