Porting MacOS projects to Windows

I have been tasked with creating an interactive kinect display in openFrameworks. I would prefer to develop on my Mac, but the final release needs to work on a windows machine. How difficult is it to take Mac projects and port them to Windows?

This is also interesting because most projects I can find online have been done in xcode, and obviously to use their code I would need to find some way to import things.

It’s a pretty straight forward port. I use this workflow for a lot of projects- develop on mac, then final export goes on a production machine with windows. Just make sure the addons you use are compatible with both osx and windows, and you use the Project Generator to create the project files for windows (eg. visual studio).

That’s great news! How do I know if addon is cross-compatible?

Also, when you use the Project Generator, do you do so on the dev machine (the mac), or on the deployment machine (windows)? From where I stand it doesn’t seem like the project generator on OSX wants to generate for anything but xcode, but I want to be certain that I’m not missing anything.

Once that’s done, with the relevant addons, do you simply swap the ‘src’ folder of the old project in?

Finally, would this process be easier if I used code::blocks on both machines?

All the internal OF addons are cross compatible (ofxKinect, etc), it’s just the user generated ones you need to watch (eg. ofxAVFVideoPlayer is mac only). The Project Generator won’t create project files for multiple platforms, you should use it once on the mac to create your xcode project, and once on your windows machine to create your code blocks/visual studio project. Then just copy the src files so they match.

I wouldn’t bother with code blocks on mac. It’s not very well supported.

Thank you so much! That was surprisingly easy. I`m always worried that things are going to take 200% longer on PC. Now I just have to get these damn kinect drivers working…