porting linux project to xcode 4

hi all,

since I’m more or less accidently on osx now ;), I want to port some projects to osx. I’ve added a xcode projectfile with the projectGenerator and started to compile, but xcode doesn’t find all my files.

I have everywhere includes like this

#include "src/BaseNode.h"  

this is were xcode get stuck. I know that I can remove the folder and only include with the plain filename but this would break my project on linux and windows.

What is the best practise for this problem?



PS: I’m on osx 10.7.4, xcode 4.3.3 and OF develop branch

You could try adding $(PROJECT_DIR) to USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS in “Build Settings” but that may cause recursion - should be quick to try

THANKS! That did the trick.

For everyone who is searching for “User Header Search Paths” like me: You have to select “All” instead of “Basic” at the top of the Build Settings view.