Porting from of_v0.7 to 0.10

In 2013 I built and released an iOS app in of_v0.7. I mixed in some native code (obj C) to create a few viewControllers for overlays. I’m not sure which template I worked from, but it included iOS+OFLib.xcodeproj as a subproject and used ofxXmlSettings and ofxOpenALSoundPlayer.

The app no longer works on iOS 11 and thus needs to be updated. I tried dragging my source code into a new ‘empty example’ from of_v0.10 and got a zillion deprecation warnings and quite a few errors, including ‘ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64’.

What is going to be my best strategy for doing this in the most efficient and least painful way?


the view controller stuff might be bit tricky as it depends on how you will have approached this. when it comes to the OF side, the difference will probably be the move from “testApp” to “ofApp”
What I would recommend is that you rebuild the project using the project generator without your source code, so that you definitely have all of the libraries, frameworks and addons sorted and then it’ll make it much easier for you.
Once you’ve got that in place, I would recommend then copying the source code over, but!!! copy the testApp code into the ofApp code, so if it’s testApp::touchDown(){doSomething();} then copy the doSomething(); line across so it’s ofApp::touchDown(){doSomething()} then you can keep all of the other source files just as you had them.
good luck!!

Thanks, Miles. I’ll give that a shot. The view controllers were created on the fly using Obj C and xib files, by the way.