Porting 0062 ofxFBOTexture to 007 ofFbo

Hi, I recently ported my app to 007 and needed to make some changes to use ofFbo instead of ofxFBOTexture. Since i couldn’t find much on the topic here, I decided to outline my changes in case it helps anyone else:

  • Replace “ofxFBOTexture” with “ofFbo” everywhere

  • fbo.allocate(fboW, fboH, true); -> fbo.allocate(fboW, fboH); //(no autoclear)

  • fbo.swapIn() becomes fbo.begin(); ofClear(0,0,0,0); //(to emulate the autoclear above)

  • fbo.swapOut(); becomes fbo.end()

  • No need for fbo.clean();, just comment it out since another call to allocate() will clean automatically (I think)

Here’s the Github commit of my project if you want to see the other changes I made to port 006 to 007:


Also, this thread might help you with some of the gory details when pixel copying: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/port-to-offbo-from-ofxfbotexture,-different-behaviour/8217/0