Portable floor game using Kinect

We developed very portable floor projection system.
It uses Kinect for input, cheap projector (with Proel DHSS30 stand) for projection. Application was written at openFrameworks + OpenCV.
Algorithms: camera calibrating, background subtraction.

System was installed and calibrated in 15 minutes and “Floor ping-pong championship” was held (2 February 2010, Yekaterinburg, Russia).


How it works (you can see system setup)

This is great - thanks for sharing! Do you have any source code we could take a look at?

Currently the sources are not for sharing,
but core code for floor interaction with Kinect is pretty simple:

  1. Calibrate the depth camera of Kinect to syncronize projector image and Kinect image.

see my lection on calibration - http://www.scribd.com/doc/46059505/OpenCV-Lections-7-Working-with-camera-Background-and-motion-analysis

  1. Learn the depth “background” and then thresholding it with depth data.

lection on threshold method:

3.The thresholded pixels are filtered (erode, then use “small blobs filter”)

(my other lections on computer vision can be helpful for you also: