Populate gui from json file with array

I have a json file something like this:

"UdpPort": 5000,
"Products": [
            "Name": "Product 1",
	    "Position": {"x": 100,"y": 100},
            "Text": "Some text"
            "Name": "Product 2",
	    "Position": {"x": 100,"y": 100},
            "Text": "Hello"

I’d like to be able to read that in using ofxGui and populate the gui based on the json data. It seem simply enough to do it for the UdpPort element using the following code but for the list I am a little stuck.

std::string settingsFilename = "mySettings.json";
gui.setup("TEST", settingsFilename, 10, 10);
gui.add(UdpPort.set("UdpPort", 5000, 0, 20000));

Is this possible?