Polyline with different weights

Is there a way to give a specific weight to different segments of an ofPolyline object?
I’m currently using polyline to represent the path of an object in 3D space through time, and I’d like to make the weight of the line at that point in time vary with the speed (i.e. the length of the segment corresponding with the weight).
I know how I would do it with a regular line function, but I’m just curious as to how this would be accomplished with ofPolyline (if it’s possible)


an idea, you could use the polyline as a base to build a mesh ( cuboid, planoid, cilindrical, etc )

a function to addPoint with weights, and use the weight variable to control the radius of the shape u imagine.

As @unicatcorn suggests I use this addon to convert a ofPolyline to a flat ofMesh

It allows specifying the weight (normalLength) for each point in the polyline in a std::vector<float>.