Polygon / blob - how to texture or animate within borders


This is somewhat general question, but I’m trying to explore the possibilities that exist already in order to animate the content of blobs.

The blobs represent living organisms, so I move and scale content, which makes them wobble and change form.

Now I need to take care of the inside (currently I use simple alpha mask of animated background)

  • take a texture and apply it to polygon, blob. I’ve seen examples with rectangles, but couldn’t find anything with complex shapes.

  • would it be possible to animate this texture ?

  • Is it possible to triangulate or divide with voronoi diagrams complex shapes (blobs) and maybe then animate subdivisions to create movement ?

  • Is it possible to fill it with some particles ? I know that in box2d you can define borders/container. So I could potentially populate blobs with particles, but this solution seems a bit heavy…

  • is there a smart way to do the embossing/relief ?

  • is there some existing shaders maybe that can work with polygons/blobs ?

Any other ideas on how to animate the content of the blobs while respecting their borders, to give the illusion that animation is contained inside ?