Pollen - Interactive Multimedia Installation


**Audio was recorded binaurally so for best results use headphones**

Pollen was created as part of a 3rd year Coop Project by Brian Tuohy and Mark O’Leary at the University of Limerick. We amalgamated a number of OF libraries and examples into an interactive installation, hence “Mash-up Research Lab.” The project was directed by Giuseppe Torre.

Our brief was to create an interactive networked screensaver in our iMac lab. The project took about 2 months to complete and ended in a 2 day open exhibition. We had very limited programming experience and this was our first time using openframeworks, which is a testament to how open OF really is…

The installation consisted of 32 computers displaying a 3D room populated with bouncing balls and doorways on each of the four walls. As somebody walks past the screen the webcam detects their motion and applies a force to the balls. When a ball passes through a doorway a signal is sent through the network triggering the creation of a ball on the corresponding computer and also triggering sound. So if a ball passes through the west door it will appear on the computer to the left, through the north wall and it appears on the computer a row in front and so on. All the networking and sound generation side of things were created using MAX MSP.

PS. Thanks to everyone on the forum for your help, it was really appreciated!