POLL: should we drop PPC support - G4 / G5 etc ?

We typically support the previous version of the latest OS X release.
So now 10.6 is the default 10.5 would be the base SDK for the next release.

If we dropped PPC support then 0061 would be the last version of OF that would work on Intel and PPC based macs. Future OF releases would be Intel only.

to understand the difference read this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index-…-841AABmtpX

Note: the last PPC mac made by Apple was four years ago.

Pros for dropping PPC support:
-smaller OF downloads
-smaller project sizes
-smaller apps
-easier for us to maintain
-easier for us to use the latest libraries with OF

Cons for dropping PPC support:
-OF apps wouldn’t run on older hardware ( G5 / Powerbook G4 / iBook G4 etc )
-OF apps couldn’t be built on older hardware

Anyway we would love to hear from the community.
Please tell us what you think!


I’m generally a fan of moving forward rather than being bound by backwards compatibility. That said, I understand that sometimes there are still users on old hardware. I don’t think this is one of those cases.

Then again, I’m a mac noob so I shouldn’t be saying anything :slight_smile:

Cool - its 15/1 at the moment.
Which feels like a pretty strong argument for dropping ppc.

I feel like anyone still using a PPC Mac at this point is probably going to be savvy enough to get what they need from a newer version of OF into 0.6 (or whatever they’re using). I know people still on PPC but they’re all demi-geniuses, perhaps that’s just my prejudice that older hardware seems to indicate higher know-it-all-ness.


Good question!

My initial feeling is “no”, don’t drop the support. The reason being is that I still have a perfectly functioning Powerbook G4 which, as it’s not my main machine (use a MacBook Pro for all dev work), I can use it for running visuals and not worrying too much about it. Plus it has that old style TV-out connector which is missing from the MacBook Pros.

For the advantages listed, I think the smaller-size arguments aren’t so important in this day and age of fast internet and cheap HD space. But the ease of maintenance argument is a really strong one. And you’re the guys who have to maintain it, so I’ll go along with what you decide… :smiley:

If you end up dropping PPC, please make sure you keep the 0061 download available and visible as the “latest version that works with PPC”.

We have a cache of quad-G5’s that will be useful for years to come (though I think they’re becoming a compute cluster soon).

I have a PPC machine, but definitely I say YES.

personally i don’t need PPC support. yes drop it.

i think ppc was dropped for 0062, and is definitely dropped for 007.