Point sprites not working in GLES2 shader

I’m currently trying to get point sprites working on the Raspberry Pi (2+3) and I’m having issues.

I tried this example as a reference:

I had to change the main.cpp to this:

        ofGLESWindowSettings settings;
        settings.width = 1280;
        settings.height = 720;
        settings.windowMode = OF_WINDOW;

        ofRunApp(new ofApp());

All the other shader examples work fine once the main.cpp is updated. However the point sprite example doesn’t (no sprites!).

The shader code looks fine, so I’m wondering if it’s an OF Rpi thing…but I can’t see anything wrong here. Does anyone have this working for latest OF (0.9.3)?

Following up this one - I was able to get regular point sprites (the GLES 1.4 ones) working without a shader, but texturing didn’t work and the GLES 2 shaders didn’t work at all (with or without texturing).