Point Grey Flea3 / Grasshopper3 USB3 Cameras on OSX


I’ve used the Point Grey USB3 cameras on Windows in the past – right now I am researching tracking cameras for an upcoming project, unfortunately the system has to run on a OsX machine. Are the Point Grey USB3 cameras (f.e. the Flea3 or the Grasshopper3) working with the ofVideoGrabber? How about accessing the settings? Can I setup the camera with the FlyCapture Software (on Windows) and the access the camera with the preconfigured settings in oF/OsX?


edit: another related forum post
edit2: point grey technical notes stating that their USB2 and USB3 cameras will work with libdc1394 and libusb - through not officially supported

Can’t speak for the USB3 cameras they make. But as a user of the FireFlyMV (which is USB 2), I can report that currently it is not working on OS X.

Check out the ofxLibdc addon. Up until recently, it was working beautifully, although I think with the recent updates to oF, a couple things have moved around. As far as I can tell, on OS X, ofxLibdc is not working due to the move away from Quicktime by the openFrameworks community. Hoping there’s an update to this add-on soon.


Ok, thanks for the info … also have a look here @robotoscience did fork ofxLibdc.

Yep, just to confirm, Flea and BlackFly USB 3.0 both work on OS X with Libdc1394. I had to do a bit of guess-and-check with each to figure out the ideal settings, but once I did they work great.

To answer your first question, you definitely can’t use them with the built-in grabber, nor will all settings transfer over from FlyCapture. I believe some may persist (e.g. if you set something on the hardware, and don’t edit it via dc1394), but haven’t tested personally.

Hope that helps! The Flea I’m finding especially awesome, able to run 2 cameras, 60fps @ 2080x1552 no problem on OS X.