Point Grey cameras in IR scenarios

Hi oF people,
we are looking into purchasing a pointGrey camera to use as a infrared camera to track people in live performances and interactive installations. We have seen firefly being used quite a bit in the community but it’s getting rather old by now. The frame is smallish and firewire is not state of the art any more. Gige-Vision and USB3-Vision are preferable.

We have been zeroing in on the blackFly series

which comes with GigeVision which means we can have a very long ethernet cable to get data off it.

My question: Has anybody else used newer pointGrey cameras to do near-infrared vision projects? Cameras like blackFly, Flea etc? Any comments on how they perform? The Firefly was somewhat more sensitive according to company docs to IR but I would like to know what’s been people’s experience with more recent pointGrey cameras in IR scenarios.

A comment about framerate over ethernet would also be welcome, even though I know it’s once again tricky to quantify.