point cloud to triangulated concave hull

Hi all!

I have try to find some algorithm to convert point cloud to concave hull. But can’t find anything useful. Maybe somebody know fast algorithm to do that? ::slight_smile:

Is this 2d or 3d? Why not try marching squares/cubes? This may not work if you always want to have a single object based on the cloud, though you might be able to modify the algorithm for that.

This is under heavy development and a bit gnarly at the moment, but if you’re up for it, I’ve been working on a VCG library addon https://github.com/joshuajnoble/ofxVCGLib note though ONLY FOR 007, not 0062. You can pass a point cloud and then generate a mesh from that. I’d like to add in support for selecting the algorithm used, including marching cubes, but right now it’s just using BallPivoting.


I am getting a bunch of path errors when I try to compile the example for ofxVCGLib. All of the libraries want to point the wrong place. For example:

Looks here:

Real location:

How do I point it the the correct paths?

I have mostly stuck to 0062 so maybe I’m overlooking something obvious with 007. Any help is much appreciated.

You’re not missing anything, I just screwed up when I was putting that project together. I need to update the actual project file which I’ll do a little bit later today. You should just be able to open up the project file and change the paths to relative paths, just …/…/…/addons/ofxVCGlib instead of my dumb absolute path.