PocoFoundationd.lib missing - fixed - is it OK?

I have just created a new OF project and added all .lib and .h files to properties (I am using Visual Studio 2010), started building and it gave me a linker error. It said PocoFoundationd.lib was missing. I didn’t (and still don’t) get why because I had PocoFoundationmtd.lib in project properties and not the one mentioned in error. My solution was to copym *mt.lib and *mtd.lib and rename the copies to *.lib and *d.lib. I know, that’s stupid but it worked. At least it compiled. That’s better than nothing.

My questions would be why does it want to use those .lib files while it’s not in properties? Is it OK to fix it like this? What is the proper way to fix it?

Greetings – are you working off of the current branch of github? At the moment (this week particularly so), it’s a bit of a moving target, so you will discover that we are switching the libraries we are linking against, updating to new versions of libraries etc. I recommend pulling from openframeworks.cc/download, which shouldn’t have any linking problems.

That is the one I used. Actually I can remember having the same problem (and same fix) a while ago but I think I simply didn’t care if it’s a legal fix or not.

For anyone interested, I was able to resolve the issue by downloading Visual Studio 2008 Express, the VS2008 version of openFrameworks and recompiling. I suppose I’m using the word ‘resolve’ in a bit of a roundabout way, but whatever. It works now.

Please see this post http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/vs2010-linking-errors/5779/0where I downloaded the OF VS2010 from openframeworks.cc/download but still I have Linking problems.