POCO with SSL?

hello, I was wondering what the best way to add POCO’s NetSSL functionality to openFrameworks’s POCO libs?

I would like to use the SSL features in an add-on… is it possible to just compile the NetSSL component and put it in a “libs” sub-directory for my add-on?

Or would it be better to recompile the entire core libraries/POCO stuff? if this is the case, how do I do that (ie. what OF-specific parameters are there that I should note)?


ok, so I am trying to build the NetSSL module from the Poco Source … wondering how I can compile it to a .a file? I only seem to be getting .o and .dylib files as my build results…

hej Plong0 …

i’m trying to add SSL functionality to SMTP connections on ofxMailUtils addon (required to send mail messages in main ESP’s) … but i’m walking blind here.

Did you manage to integrate POCO’s SSL Libs with OF? Have you got any clue how this libs can be integrated in ofxSmtpClient in order to make ofxMailUtils work properly?

Thanks in advance.