'Poco/URI.h' file not found when building iOS+OFLib (even though it's there)

I’m on a Mac, I’ve installed using the iOS-specific installer from the OF downloads page.

I’m running into a problem when compiling the iOS+OFLib static library, it gives me the compile error, “Poco/URI.h: file not found” from line 9 of ofImage.cpp. But the file exists, at $(OF_ROOT)/addons/ofxPoco/libs/poco/include/Poco/URI.h

So I went into Build Settings in Xcode and specifically added …/…/…/addons/ofxPoco/libs/poco/include to the Header Search Paths, but I still get the error.

I went ahead and, for good measure, ran the download_libs.sh file for iOS which (re-)installed a bunch of Poco stuff, but XCode still can’t find the file.

Still getting the error. Any tips?

(Mac OS X High Sierra, of_v0.9.8_ios_release.zip )

are you usre you are using 0.9.8? that version doesn’t have download_libs script, really only the version from github does but also it doesn’t have a poco addon since poco was still included in libs

Thanks @arturo. I was confused about how to get the Poco files, so I started with 0.9.8 but then saw some instructions about needing to run dowload_libs.sh, so I pulled that from the github repo.

I think I may have resolved this problem now – I say may have because I’m getting a host of other errors instead, so either I’m farther along or I took a step back.

My goal is working toward is to build ofxFaceTracker on iOS (https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxFaceTracker-iOS).