poco and ubuntu 8.10

Hi just installed ubuntu 8.10 and it breaks compatibility with the previous poco version in 8.04 and the one included in the pre 0.06 releases I’ve post. There’s a new package called libpoco5-dev that is the last 1.3.x version instead of 1.2.x

I’ll post a oF package with the new version soon.

Here’s a new version with the last poco release, it should work without problem under ubuntu 8.10…-FAT.tar.gz

pierre: your dvgrab addon is in there with the last unicap version if you want to try if that’s the problem

Thanks arturo…your codeblocks install script is great!

I checked out my dvgrab addon, and there no longer is a delay on startup, but now I’m getting periodic pauses in the video stream every 5-6 seconds now. Not sure if it’s unicap (using 0.9.3 from sources) yet and haven’t had time to debug it…will look into it though. Do you get this problem at all?

dont’ have the dv camera now, but didn’t saw anything like that the day i tested it…

It doesn’t seem to be unicap…haven’t figured out what it is yet.

that’s a question probably best for the Ubuntu forums as it’s not OF specific, but anyway if you read the help files that come with Ubuntu (System->Help and Support), they will tell you this:

  • Find the Network Manager icon in the notification area. It should look like a small signal strength indicator or a computer monitor and will probably be close to the clock
  • Right-click the icon and ensure that Enable Networking is selected in the popup menu.
  • If you have a wireless network connection, make sure that Enable Wireless is selected.
  • Left-click the Network Manager icon and then click on the network you want to connect to
  • After a short period you should receive a message which says Connection Established
  • You should now be connected to a network.

hope that helps…