Please Remember Me When I'm Gone

A collaboration with another artist in my MFA program, Rebecca Weisman:

Please Remember Me When I’m Gone invites viewers to contemplate issues of personality, death, and emptiness through a human-scale settlement of handmade dwellings combining video, electronics, and recorded voice. Colors from the sky as it moves from dusk to dark, and from dark to dawn, are sampled from the video and routed into the huts – creating a contemplative twilit space that subtly and continuously transforms itself. The seemingly abandoned self-made settlement is inhabited only by remnants of plaintive voices fearful of their inevitable impermanence.

No Firmata here, because I was toggling the digital pins for 12 PWM per Arduino so I had to make up a more efficient protocol that could also be “threaded” on the Arduino. The debug screen looked like this:

Where you could drag circles around to resize them/move them. And the hardware like this:

It was prototyped in Processing, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Open Frameworks because Processing couldn’t do the extremely slow/long/high-resolution 10 GB video file at 30 fps.