Found a great app Playmodes @ And they’ve released a version 0.01 for download. But I can’t get it to compile in Windows codeblocks though.

Anyway, I just wanted to try out one of their effects…the multiple images delayed to achieve a “buddha” hand effect. Was wondering how i could achieve it, like a motion history thingy. Record several frames into the buffer and then play it back through a pre-defined delay through the alpha channel? But I am having some problems coz using the alpha channel, the delayed frames do not look like its part of the video coz of the transparency. Hope u guys know what i’m talking about…

Hi Progen

that release is really based in the new event system, and as this part of the new oF release has passed through several changes lately it’s very possible that it doesn’t work. we will release again a full working version when 0.06 is ready

Anyway, to have that transparency look you need to alter the blending mode with something like:

// draw whatever you want to have the effect  

if your background is darker than the foreground or:


if it’s brighter.

when you finish do a:


to return to the normal oF blending mode.

The code for that is in renderers/VideoRender.cpp