Open call going out to find a programmer / tinkerer who can help us set up a photoshop / live animation routine for an event on the 26th March at the V&A. It’s all about taking snaps of people’s faces, matting them out quickly, slicing them into 3 parts, and adding them to an animated routine on a projection screen where the parts interchange. If this sounds like your bag, or you know someone who might be up for it, please contact us at PLAYLAB. Thanks - Paul.

Might be good to tell which country you’re based in for people like me who don’t know what the V&A is…

the V&A is the Victoria & Albert Museum in London :slight_smile:

ah that I know (even been there)

What sort of skills do you need…some to program the grab and slice in OF? or are you doing it more manually in Photoshop.