Playing Ogg files on iOS

Has anyone experimented with code to play back Ogg files on iOS?

I’ve read that some use openAL to do so, but I’m having a hard time finding examples that don’t involve large frameworks that include much more code than just the audio playback.

Here is Addon : You can stream and record with .
Hope I helped…

Thanks Dorald. I did check out ofxOgg, but I didn’t see how you can just play an ogg audio file. OfxOgg talks about streaming over network and using video. I think I’m looking for something that can play ogg through openAL so it can play on a device (not over network). Is this something ofxOgg can do? I wasn’t able to figure it out.

It also says ‘Note: when you can still read this message, this code is really buggy’

Seth. You may be right. Have you checked here ? maybe you can find what you are looking for…

try the attached StbVorbisExtractor.

seeking doesn’t work unless you use setupPushdata and getFloatSamplesInterleavedPushdata.

Thanks damian! I’ll check this out.

Is this supposed to be used in conjunction with ofSoundStream in terms of being able to get audio output?

aah yeah, getFloatSamplesInterleaved() and getFloatSamplesInterleavedPushdata() are designed to be called from testApp::audioRequested()

Great, thanks Damian! That helps a bunch! I’ll give it a try tonight.

Damien, do you have an example of using the stbVorbisExtractor with getFloatSamplesInterleavedPushdata? I’m just getting crackling audio and buffer underruns. I’m not sure I’m setting it up correctly and when to use update().