playing multichannel sound files


I’m setting up an installation and I would like to test a reader written in OF.
Basically, what I need is to read a multichhanel sound file (6 channels) and direct its outputs to a multichannel soundcard.

I’m running OF on a MacBook Pro and I have a MBox Pro2. Sometimes I use the MOTU Ultralite also.
I think it works using the soundcard assigned to the sound system output, but I don’t know how to read each input file channel to the output. At this moment I only get a downmix output.

How to do it?

Thanks in advance



Problem solved!


Hey antonio…

so you solved the problem?
how did you do that ? i.e., read multichannel audio in?

do you know how to do that via soundflower or jack?



Hi all,
so wanted to post that i found my solution to that:

using ofSoundStreamSetup(OUTCHANNELS,INCHANNELS,this, 44100, 512, 4);
where OUT/INCHANNELS is the number of in channels you want.
After you must take care that the audio in/out is going to come uses interliving, and you will have to deal with that.
You can also select the device for audio with:
ofSoundStreamSetDeviceID(int id).



There are two addons that may be useful
ofSoundstream - wraps ofSoundStream as a class so you can have multiple instances - e.g. line in and headphones out
ofPortaudioSoundstream - I adapted the above to work with portaudio as the RtAudio changes samplerate on launch, okay at first but annoying if you compile a lot. This however, takes a bit of setting up…