Playing(loading?) sound issues


I seem to be running into an issue with playing sound samples.
I am loading multiple samples in the header, i.e.:

ofSoundPlayer icons_group_001_sound;
ofSoundPlayer music1a;

then in setup:



I have an ofSoundUpdate() in the update and a function in the mousemove which checks where the mouse is and should play a sound sample if the mouse is at a certain location

void ofApp::soundOverSomething() {
if (over_001 && !played_001_A && ( ofDist(ofGetMouseX(), ofGetMouseY(), 538, 385 ) <= 12) ) {;
        played_001_A = true;


Unfortunately does not play the sound sample :confused: which is really odd, because it’s set up in the same exact way as the icons_group_001_sound, which works just fine! If I replace it with it plays the sound file. The sound samples are from the examples audio data folder. and even if I set the music1a to synth.wav, it still doesn’t play anything, so I’m really confused here. Does it matter when I initialize the wav files? should they be loaded at the beginning of the code? Or am I missing something?

I’m on Xcode if that matters.


right, so I restarted Xcode and what I noticed was that the active scheme was set for Debug, not Release… So changing that seems to do the trick.

Sorry about the confusion