Playing Live HTTP Stream (TVheadend)

Hi There,
So i’ve been working on a project which involves reading a live video stream from tvheadend into openframeworks and then perform som image processing on it.
Currently, i can use gstreamer playbin to read this url but i’m a bit confused on how to do this with the openframeworks gstUtil class. Ideally it would be nice to just use ovVideoPlayer to play the stream but that doesn’t seem to work because it tends to treat http links as an ondemand stream.

I’m still looking into how to get this working but i’m hoping someone out here has done something similar and would like to help.

Thanks for your time

Alright, figured it out. Just cloned the existing ofxGstVideoPlayer and removed the check for http or file in the loadMovie function. Now i can play tvheadend streams, sweet :smile:

what do you mean by on demand stream? would be useful to find a way to fix this without breaking other streams

Yeah, so i wanted to play a live stream from a DVB device. Basically a stream from a hauppage QAM/ATSC device which is managed by tvheadend I could submit a simple fix to the ofxVideoPlayer that maybe checks to see if the target uri is something like “live:http://host:port/destination” or just an option to state if the movie is a live stream. I’ve been looking for a way to contribute to this great project no matter how small.

The problem is that when ofxVideoPlayer gets a url like http://…, it thinks you want to load some movie asynchroniously, in my case i wanted to load a live stream.