Playing back one video 100 times with different starting points

Hey All

I’m trying to build a small particle system where the particle is actually a video. The video is a small animation, and I want each particle to loop the video, starting at a random framenum.

So my question is:
What’s the best way around this? I can’t really see any way of sharing the video between instances of the ofVideoPlayer class. Can this be done? Or would it be a better approach to export the video as an image sequence and then store these in a vector?


hey there,

we have an add on called ofxImageSequence that let’s you load a sequence of images and access them randomly really fast, just like you said

so you could create one image sequence, and each particle would have a different starting point and advance one frame every frame. This should be super fast if you make sure there is only one instance of the image sequence that is shared between all the particles

Perfect. I’ll looked at that, but thought the current frame was saved in the object. But looking again I can see it’s not. Awesome.


Could you point us in the direction of an example that executes this particle starting point action that you mention here?


Ronze, did you ever come up with a solution to your problem?