Playing audio from an HDMI input

Hi friends,
I am experimenting with Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder and trying to play audio and video from an external HDMI source into my application. So far (working on OSX 10.12, XCode 7, OF 9.4) video is being captured and displayed fine, with the ofxBlackmagic addon.

Is there someone that succeeded in grabbing audio from a blackmagic device and playing it in sync with the video?

Any idea? Should I dive into the DecLink library or is there a simpler way?

Thank you

Well it seems I got it working on OSX, audio is playing fine (a little out of sync, but this may be because of the large buffer I am allocating). Now I’m trying to do the same on windows. The lack of documentation on DeckLink APIs and related examples is really disappointing… currently I am almost there but, well, still fighting with some linker errors driving me mad :frowning: