Playback of HD mov very choppy

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I am trying to play an HD video on an application but I get a really bad framerate and compression artifacts with ofVideoPlayer. I tried ofxHapPlayer and the compression artifacts are gone but the playback is still very bad. I must be doing something wrong, any hints on what’s the best practice for this? What are the best codecs? My footage is very grainy and I want to keep it like that, so the lesser the compression the better, since codecs like h264 tend to oversimplify the textures that I want to preserve. Thanks!
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what platform are you in and what resolution? compression artifacts are not related to the video player but to whatever software you are using to compress i guess.

HAP is fine if you don’t want any compression at all but might be a bit too much if you are on a really small computer (mostly with a slow drive) and using a really big resolution. In any case for what you are doing i think h264 with very high quality settings should be ok

I’m on Ubuntu 19.04 at 1080p with an Nvidia GTX 1060. I want to try with the smallest compression possible since the video that I want to show has a lot of analog grain, that I want to preserve and not be reduced to digital noise. The computer I’m using is good, I think it can handle some stress.

That should work fine then. Are you compile in release mode?

It’s working fine now! I think I had a problem with my drivers, I reinstalled them and now it’s running fine, thanks!

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