Platform dependent addons.make?

I’m running into an issue where I need the addons that a project includes to depend on what platform it’s building on. e.g. if I’m building on android, include ofxAndroid, but don’t include it when building on osx.

It looks like just reads the addons.make file and filters anything that is bad. Is there a way for the addons themselves to declare what platforms they work on (defaulting to all if not specified)? Or do I need to maintain two project structures, one for osx, one for android?


yes, addons.make doesn’t have yet support for multiplatform yet

@arturo could this maybe be circumvented by creating a “meta-addon” which pulls in other addons in, and deal with the platform-dependencies like ofxOpenCv does?

no, not yet, dependencies are not handled in all platforms yet

I have the same issue, is this possible now?