Plane-triangle intersection, do i need a geometry library?

While searching a solution for a plane-triangle intersection i was wondering, is there a geometry library for openframeworks that compares to the toxic-libs for java, and provides such things as triangle/plane intersections?

Or is this already inside the core and i totally missed it?
What i found so far is this add-on for cgal-library: ofxCGAL
Do you know of any other libraries that are not too hard to use with openframeworks or already have a mapper?

Would be nice to have a comfortable collection of classes including
ray, plane, triangle, aabb, circles etc with all the intersection functionality between them. Wouldn’t it?
I’d be willing put some effort into something like that, but i want to be sure not to reinvent the wheel over and over again.

as far as i know, there is not a general-purpose addon like toxiclibs for OF, but you can get ray-plane intersection using ofxRay.