Plaing single-beat piano notes

Hi all,

I am just poking around openframeworks, and I was hoping to find a simple cross platform way to play some simple notes for a single beat.

is anything like this provided?

check out the latest ofxDsp at the bottom of this page…-c&start=75

thanks for the quick reply, but I seem to be missing something :slight_smile:

I downloaded ofxdsp and compiled it, and its making some verra coola noises, but even after 20 mins of tweaking settings in the gui I produced nothing that could…even charitably…be described as that of a grand piano…

is there somewhere I can look up the combination of settings required to reproduce various sounds?

its interesting Ive never wondered before…how *do* people create those sounds?

does anyone know where I can find out more about it?

thanks again for all help.

oh I though you just wanted to make notes. You never said you wanted a grand piano sound. You can try stk but that is more rhodes style synthesis
If you want a grand piano sound your best bet is to use osc along with any audio software that reproduces that sound.

here is an example that might be useful is a pretty good lightweight piano modeler… not cheap but still beats a 3GB NI kontakt piano or something… and I think it was on this forum that I was introduced to it!

hi memo, was wondering what u used to produce the piano notes on your Pi - Glastonbury 2008 installation?

Hi, for the actual installation (the video with all the people tripping and dancing) all the sound was from ableton live. The main app written with openframeworks was doing the motion detection and visuals etc, and sending OSC trigger info to another mac running ableton live and osculator to map the OSC to midi. 40 tracks setup in ableton with 10 beats, 10 pads, 10 bass, 10 keyboards etc… and we were switching one of each category on and cycling them. For the demo video of me playing with the app with just a piano, i was again sending OSC from the main of app and mapping to midi with osculator, but this time the sound (piano) was coming from Logic Pro Main Stage. Its not too bad sound actually…

Hi memo,

I’ve just got the Ableton Live. Am trying to recreate the grand piano sounds but I could not find it in any of the presets. I’ve downloaded the Ableton Live Suite Instruments package too but could not find something that sounds similar to a grand piano. Which presets did you use?

And is there a windows equivalent to osculator that maps osc to midi? Coz ableton does not support osc right?

Hi Progen, for the Glastonbury installation there were no Grand Piano sounds, just synths, pads, beats, strings etc. all custom samples triggered from Ableton Live. If you are referring to the piano sound in the demo video of me playing the app, that was from Logic Pro Main Stage. I hope you didn’t buy Ableton just for its piano sound!

I dont know what is a good app on PC for piano sounds (Logic Pro is mac only). I’m guessing Native Instruments have always had pretty good samples so you could go with Kontact or just NI Piano. Alternatively there is the app I posted a link for earlier pianoteq, which physically models the sound and is supposed to be quite good.

You are right about ableton not supporting OSC natively. I dont know of any easy to use apps like OSCulator for PC, but it wouldn’t be too hard to do a puredata patch to do OSC->Midi, and I’m sure there are some free patches floating around…


This may be a ridiculous question (hi, I’m new), but how were you sending the OSC info between computers? Usb, wi-fi, midi cable?

I’m working towards incorporating some of this awesomeness with my live band performances… thinking of using something like digidesign 003 rack to get 8 individual audio inputs from the live band to direct different parameters of the objects in any given scene. Right now we’re just brainstorming about how to get the individual audio signals to 2 computers - one running OF goodness and one for our dj who will be remixing/effecting the audio samples with Ableton.


Hi, OSC usually works over UDP, so the local network basically. It can work over wifi - both adhoc or with a router; it can work on a wired network, again using a router or just two computers connected with an ethernet cable, or a firewire cable (and networked via firewire cable). It doesn’t matter how you put the computers on the same network as long as you do. Then the sender just sends the data to a specific IP address and you’re laughing

I like to laugh

thanks for the info :slight_smile:

hopefully we can collab some day