Pixelpusher openframeworks addon (ofxPixelPusher)

Hey all,

I’ve been a big fan of using the Heroic Robotics’ PixelPusher for controlling LED strips for the past couple of years. It’s a great little box that powers up to 8 strips and provides an ethernet controller for the strips.

The biggest downside has been that they only provided a Processing library for controlling the strips, which really limited it’s usefulness in my work (especially in some of my professional installations, which I use C++ exclusively for).

I finally got around to writing a standard library C++ port of the library, so now you can enjoy the PixelPusher in openFrameworks!

The standard library implementation should also mean that it’s easy to port over to Cinder or whatever other C++ framework you might use.



Nice work. If you are interested in controlling a lot of LEDs in one line with Syphon grab and map -> ethernet -> RPI you can check this one http://tvl.io/software/ledmapper

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I don’t use raspberry pis often for LEDs – I find it easier to either use ready-made hardware like the PixelPusher or just go all the way down to microcontrollers – but I intend to put together some mapping tools in the pixelpusher library at some point.

RPI are great for big amount of leds in one line for lpd8806 (and APA102) i’ve controlled 3000 pixels, and for ws2812 1000 of pixels run smooth from one pin, so with two pins it can control for 2000-3000 pixels easily. The There are 6400 leds in Cristmas tree on the image on the site. After building i’ve mapped it in three hours, so mapping tool is essential too.

Think I should incorporate your plugin in my soft